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Southern Shores, NC

The town of Southern Shores has all the secluded charm of the neighboring Northern Outer Banks villages of Duck and Corolla, but with easy (and even walking-distance) access to the busy central Outer Banks’ treasure trove of restaurants, shops and attractions. A combination of rich maritime forests, quiet residential beaches, and a handful of restaurants and shops, Southern Shores is an ideal vacation locale for families who want to be away from it all, but still remain close to the big Outer Banks attractions.

The town borders of Southern Shores appear to run seamlessly into its southern neighbor Kitty Hawk, and for good reason. For decades the area was simply a part of Kitty Hawk, and it wasn’t until the early 1940s when a parcel of the area that consisted of Duck Woods, Kitty Hawk forest, and oceanfront beaches, was designated as a future resort. The “Resort of Southern Shores” was officially founded in 1946, and become an actual town a little more than three decades later in 1979.

Back when Southern Shores was still a part of Kitty Hawk, it was home to one of the US Lifesaving Service’s original Outer Banks stations, the Paul Gamiels Hill Lifesaving Station, which was built and manned in 1878. After a remodel in 1909, it served as an instrumental station for both World Wars, but it was soon after deserted and replaced with the modern OBX Coast Guard facilities, and eventually burned down in the 1960s. Visitors to Hillcrest Drive beach access, where the station was located, will find little evidence that it was ever even there.

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